Achieving Your Goals: How to make progress even on your worst day

Can You Still Make Progress On Your Big Goals Even On Your Worst Day?

If you find yourself trying to make progress on your goals and still not getting the results you want, wouldn't it be nice to have an actionable framework that fits into your lifestyle, was easy to follow and gave you sustainable results? 

I'm going to let you in on a little secret to making any kind of change in your life whether it be getting the right things done in your business, dieting, relationships, finances, or anything else “taking action” related:

You have to be able to make progress and take action on your worst day. Your worst days are the ones that derail you.

Have you ever been on a diet and you’re cruising along eating healthy day by day and then something emotionally stressful triggers you and suddenly you slide back to your old eating habits just to make yourself feel better in the moment?

Making progress and building habits must take into account having a bad day... or two or three. If not, you will continue to struggle with your goals, especially around making progress in your business. 

The days when you are rockin’ your to-do list, everything feels like it’s going your way and you’re in complete flow aren’t the days you need to be worrying about. And let’s be honest…For most of us, those kinds of days are rare. It’s the days when you’re tired, you don’t feel like it, and want a break or the days where a family emergency pops up, you get an unexpected call that throws off your routine. These are the days you must plan for!

In the simplest form: You MUST be able to take action towards your goals...even on your worst day when you won't feel like it.

If you can't, the motivation behind the goal may not be strong enough or the habit change isn't simple, small, and easy enough. If you can’t accomplish it on your worst day, you won’t be able to do it on any normal day either.

This is the side of taking action in your business nobody talks about. You are expected to just do what someone tells you, follow a specific plan, or just figure it out on your own. 

Can you still put out your content? Can you still be present for your coaching calls? Can you still make progress on your top priorities?

What is missing is an approach that takes into account you having a bad day, your personality type, your stressors, and previous experiences. Do you know your pattern of behavior when you get stressed or get side-tracked from your important work?

Start out with simple, small, and easy steps you can take on your worst day. This sets you up for success every single time! Sounds too good to be true huh? It doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to set yourself up to win even when ‘life’ throws you off your routine.

What are the things you CAN control, even when you get derailed?


·      I can control what I eat and still be choosing healthy foods even when I get derailed

·      I can control setting appropriate boundaries around the situation so that my needs get met

·      I can control how I use the time that I do have

·      I can control how I show up and respond to the situation

·      I can control asking for help if I need it

You can still make a lot of progress…even on your worst day. Once you set some positive, simple habits in place that you can do no matter what…you will build so much more confidence in how you work and how you show up when life throws you a curveball. Remember we plan our goals in business as if everything will go right, then wonder why we get derailed with things go wrong!

Recap: If your plan can’t withstand your worst day, it’s not an effective plan.  


What’s one small, simple step I can take that I am 100% confident I can still do on my worst day to make progress towards my business goals?

When I get derailed, what is one simple thing I can do that is in my control to get me back on track?

Keep it simple, make it easy!